Friday Faves – Sept 30

Technically I have two weeks worth of faves to report, since I opted for dinner out with friends last Friday instead of posting (still working my blog time management…)  Turns out it’s been an exciting couple of weeks!

Reuniting with friends.

YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip feature film.  In 2007, three friends began a year-long road trip that would cover all fifty states and explore environmental innovation around the country.  Yes, innovation. Though it doesn’t gloss over the very real need for environmental champions, this is no doom and gloom film.  YERT features passionate people around the country who are facilitating change in their own communities and nationwide.  There is, however, one scene that has brought me to tears all three times I’ve seen it (you’ll know it when you get to it).  Hundreds of hours of film was taken on this journey, and the feature film is two solid hours of inspiration, education, and reflection.  Check out their YERTpods online then get yourself to a screening ASAP!

Forks Over Knives movie.  This movie is getting tons of buzz recently.  I first watched it at a Whole Foods-sponsored pre-release screening almost a year ago, and it recently made its way to Netflix streaming.  After a few weeks of urging the bf to watch it with me, I finally just turned it on one night and hoped he would pay attention.  Well, he did, and at the end turned to me and said, “so do you want to go vegan for two months?”   If you haven’t seen yet, it’s offers a truly compelling look at the benefits of a plant-based diet, and is related to the clip I posted about a few weeks ago.

Being vegan.  I’ve been “vegetarian” for about 15 months, so thought that going plant-strong vegan would be a cinche. I never quite realized, however, just how many animal products were in my diet until I made a conscious effort to take them all out.  A quick slice of veggie pizza at lunch, curries at a favorite Thai restaurant that have fish oil in them, pastries, cookies, cheese and crackers, Sunday brunch at local restaurants, even vitamins and supplements.  It’s been a real learning experience so far. I love looking up delicious vegan meals to make and experimenting with ingredients I’ve always wanted to try (nutritional yeast=new favorite seasoning!).  The bf has always been the primary chef in this house, but I’m determined that over the next two months, I’ll become a vegan cooking queen!

Reuniting with craft group.

Playing real games in real life.  Friend: “Have you ever played Bananagrams?” Me: “No, what is it?” Friend: “It’s a real, in person game.” Me: “You mean on an iPhone?” Friend: eye roll.  It’s not that I’ve forgotten about real-life games, I just haven’t played any in ages!  In an era of online chess, scrabble, hangman, you name it, I do wonder if fewer people sit around a table with dice and a board and snacks and friends or family.  But in the past couple of weeks, I’ve engaged in TWO whole game nights that didn’t involve a handheld electronic device…except when the device was used as a timer, a dictionary, and entertainment for people waiting to take their turns. But anyway, it’s a start!

Discovering OpenCourseWare.  Huge thanks to A for sending me the link to FREE college courses through Johns Hopkins. And not just any old mundane courses, but the most popular ones offered through Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health. OpenCourseWare is not new, nor is it limited to a handful of universities.  Apparently MIT was the first to offer these free-to-the-public classes and now you can study “at” Tufts, University of Michigan, Duke, UMass, and many others.  In an era of soaring tuition costs that take decades to pay off, I believe open courses like the ones already being offered will open doors for people to explore career changes, develop in their current professions, and become recreational students all without paying a dime!

30 Day Yoga Challenge- starting tomorrow.  The place I like to refer to as “my neighborhood yoga studio” opened one year ago, and to celebrate they’re inviting their yogis to practice every single day for the month of October.  Successful participants receive gift cards and discounts to area businesses, but most of all, they build a daily practice, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time! Since this particular studio opened, I’ve been practicing at minimum twice a week – way more consistently than any other time in my life.  I feel like it’s only fitting, then, that I celebrate my one-year yoga-versary by reaching this daily practice milestone that I hope to keep up for years to come.

What are your favorites of the week?  And I’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve seen either of the films mentioned!

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  1. Amazing! Thanks for sharing, Emma! (Though I’ll admit, I only understood about half of what he said… haha)

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