Friday Faves – Sept 2

September already!  I’m not ready for this, for two reasons:

1. School starts, weather gets cooler, people come back from vacations – basically, it’s the end of summer, and even though I no longer get “summer vacation,” I still like the vibe of the world and of my city during those few months more than any other time.  But I also like my fleece jackets, so I won’t really complain until I’m pulling out the hats and gloves.

2. I turn 29.  I’ve noticed a sort of annoying habit among bloggers to philosophically  talk about their birthdays, so all I will say about mine is that time is simply going by too fast!

To be honest, I think my favorite thing about this week is the pending three day weekend, and since I’m heading on a 5 hour drive in a matter of minutes, this post is going to be mighty short.  I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend at my parents’ house, and celebrating the marriage of a good high-school friend!

In the meantime, check out my last post on stormwater and greenery.  And this green roof photo was taken from the stairs leading to my office. (Photo taken with my new phone, so pardon the quality.

If you look really hard, you can see it, I promise.

My office is in the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh – for more info on how this building uses green roofs, check out

Until next time… think about your favorite moments of the week!

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