Friday Faves – August 26

Is it just me, or has this summer flown by like no other?  It’s hard to believe that one of my top moments this week was welcoming kids back to school! Between that and the chilly northern evenings, fall is upon us and it won’t be long before I’m longing for the days of sweat-dripping humidity.  Here they are, the faves of this week:

“Dinner Sometimes” Greek night.  I can’t quite recall how our dinner club came to be named “Dinner Sometimes,” but our motto could be (as put by one member), “people who eat dinner all the time, but only with us sometimes.” It’s nonsense, really. But our meals are totally fabulous, and last week’s was no exception. Each month, the person or couple hosting dinner chooses a theme (so far – Mexican, Southern American, and Greek) and designs a menu. Hosts are responsible for entrees and drinks (kebabs and wine), and the rest gets divvied up (grape leaves, salad, hummus and baba, baklava). Each cook gets to exercise their creativity over the dish, so if you pick grape leaves, you get to make any sort of grape leaves you want!  In the end, everyone is surprised, and no one is left with the stress of cooking a 5 course meal for 10 people…

Photo courtesy EBC 🙂

A post-work 6-miler along the river.  My goal was 10 miles, but what do ya know, the trail ended.  On a normal night I would have simply turned around and ridden beyond my starting point to up the mileage, but on this night it would have put me smack dab in the middle of Pirates game foot traffic, and I was not willing to dodge that many yinzers…

Switching to CREDO Mobile. Hopefully this one remains a fave, and doesn’t turn into a regret (switching carriers was more stressful for me than I’d like to admit…what if the coverage is bad, what if something goes wrong and I can’t get a person on the phone, etc). But for the last two years, I’d been getting letters from CREDO telling me that my cell phone company funds political candidates and organizations I’d rather not support. While they also funded initiatives I do support, like educational resources and local volunteer efforts, there seem to be a few major differences. CREDO donates 1% of each member’s phone bill to a set of predetermined non-profits like Rainforest Action Network, Planned Parenthood, and Human Rights Watch. Members also vote annually on who they want to see supported by the company, and apparently (though I obviously haven’t gotten this far) have a say in how much goes to each organization. Meanwhile, the other company never asked for my opinion on where their money went, and I had to dig around a bit to find that info. As someone who generally doesn’t have much extra cash for donations, it’s nice to think I can financially support organizations like these just by paying my phone bill each month.

Admittedly, the first screen shot I took included a tab with the search term "how to screen shot on safari"....

Welcoming kindergartners to their first day of school with Ready Freddy. Did you know that Pennsylvania and a number of other states don’t require children to attend kindergarten?  In fact, kids don’t have to go to school until age 8!  Think of a child entering school in 1st grade, while his or her peers have a full academic year in them already. The University of Pittsburgh’s Ready Freddy Kindergarten Transition program has been partnering with Pittsburgh Public Schools to raise awareness about the importance of this early grade, and better prepare children for that first walk into the classroom. For the last three years, I’ve cheered alongside dozens of other community members and teachers at one local public school. Most kids love the attention, while some bury their faces into their parents’ legs. But at least they all know this is a day to celebrate.  Click here for local news coverage (I’m in this video somewhere!)

Now take a moment to think of your faves of the week! 

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