Buy Used – Clothing Challenge Shopping Spree #1

On the inaugural weekend of my used-only clothing challenge a few weeks ago, my pal Melissa and I decided on a little shopping day trip.

We started out by exploring Rossi’s Pop-up Marketplace, a weekend flea market housed in an old Loews movie theather! Believe me, exploring is the right word…you never know what you’ll find at the end of those ubiquitous theater hallways. Everything from fresh produce to Steelers gear to carpets and vintage clothes has a place at Rossi’s.

Now although Rossi’s holds many a treasure, the clothing hunt was unsuccessful. However, Melissa came away with some great artwork, and I found my new favorite ring. A word of advice to anyone venturing in, though – be prepared to scavenge, and watch your step!

After getting fairly lost in Rossi’s, yet managing not to send any shoes, toys, or vintage video games careening down the theater steps, we headed to Avalon Exchange, a safe bet when looking for good secondhand items. Avalon employs strict policy on what they will sell in their stores, so you can rest assured that you’ll find decent quality stuff. And the best part is the instant gratification you get from exchanging your clothes there. This isn’t a wait-till-it-sells consignment. If they like what you have in that big ol’ garbage bag, you get an immediate choice of retail credit or cash. Now, as you know the pickings in my closet are slim to begin with but I still managed to exchange a few things (it didn’t hurt that one of the dresses still had an Avalon tag on it from a year ago!)

Number of clothing items purchased: 7

Total amount: $74

Final amount after exchange credit: $31

Do you have any recent favorite thrifty finds? 


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