Friday Faves – August 19

Yikes, it’s been a whole week since I posted!  So rather than any enlightening thoughts on sustainability, you get two Friday Faves posts in a row.  Here are this week’s:

This video on plant-strong diets. In case you missed it (or the many links to it on Facebook and other media), Wolf Blitzer’s interview with doctors Caldwell Esselstyn and Dean Ornish uses Bill Clinton’s transition to a plant based diet as a way to address diet’s affect and influence on heart disease.  One thing that’s noticeably missing from the interview is the word “vegan.” (At least I didn’t hear it!) Dr. Esselstyn’s son, Rip, a fireman who has his whole engine house eating this way, made an interesting distinction in a recent interview with Vegan Mainstream:

VM: Why do you differentiate between vegan and plant-based?

RE: If I were going to use that term in a firehouse, the other firefighters would hang me by my firefighting boots! A lot of it is about salesmanship. “Plant strong” is something they can get their head around. Vegan or vegetarian? They can’t, since they all think they’re macho men. They now know real men eat plants, but before that, they thought real men ate meat. The terms vegan and vegetarian are such pregnant words; sometimes they have baggage. Veganism is an ideology where some are ethical, some are dietary [vegans]. With “plant-strong,” the foundation of it is for health reasons.  

(I happen to have a signed copy of Rip’s book, the Engine 2 Diet, from to his visit to Pittsburgh last year!)  And if this is of any interest to you whatsoever, I very highly recommend the amazing Happy Health Long Life blog and the movie Forks Over Knives (just released on DVD last week).

My strong side planks in yoga this week.  After almost a full year of a (mostly) consistent practice, and a few months with one of my all-time favorite teachers, I was strong and steady in my side planks on Thursday!  All 6 of them!  Unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight to take a picture of myself to post, so here’s a figure for your amusement:

So I used to look like the one on the left, and this week I looked like the one on the right, and soon I'll look like the one on the bottom! (Yes, I did those little stick drawings all on my own..)

Okay, I’m still laughing from my drawings, but my next fave of the week was bouldering at the climbing wall.  The bf and I got month-long passes, so after all that bicep building this month, I’ll be doing side planks left, right, and upside down.  Now if only we could keep ourselves from visiting the East End Food Coop every time we go to the wall…

Drinking my homemade kombucha.  Last week’s list included my first attempt at brewing kombucha, and the outcome was delicious. I left one bottle plain and flavored another with chopped ginger, which gives it a nice zing. My next batch is brewing on the shelf now, so I’m excited to experiment with fresh fruit and juice flavors!

Planting some fall greens.  I’m hoping for lots more swiss chard, some hearty romaine, and a fresh batch of kale in the next few months. That is, if my little seedlings didn’t all get washed away in the “isolated thunderstorm” today. The one that blew open my window at work, giving me and my computer a good soaking before I could figure out how to climb up and close it. But my poor tomatoes sure needed the rain, so I can’t complain!

Tell me your favorites of the week!

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  1. Taku Ohkawa

     /  August 19, 2011

    The so-called ‘Mother’ used for brewing kombucha is perhaps the most foul abomination ever conceived by man. As far as ingestable substances are concerned, it may very well be right up there with Nattō or perhaps an aborted llama fetus.

    Nice drawings 🙂


    The Boyfriend

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