Friday Faves – August 12

This week has gone by incredibly quickly, and the cool evenings are reminding me of how close we are to the end of summer! Yikes!  I feel like this one went by in a flash, but maybe that’s just how it is when “summer vacation” is longer an annual part of your life…

Faves for the week:

Brewing my first batch of kombucha!  This fermented tea, believed to have detoxifying properties, takes some getting used to (or at least an affinity for vinegar.) You can buy flavored bottles of it at health food stores and cafes for about 3 bucks, or brew a gallon of your own for close to free!  I’ve been watching my “baby” scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast…yum) grow and am counting down the days till it’s ready to drink (2!).

Meeting new people. The same friend I walked 4 miles with last week invited me to brunch with some grad school pals. We connected over veggie quiche, warm muffins, a balsamic salad and talk of babies. (No, we’re not weirdly obsessed with babies, but one of the ladies is due in a few weeks!)

Wonderful hip-leg-shoulder stretchy class at the Yoga Hive. Yoga for Runners and Cyclists, to be exact. I’ve been moving away from the vinyasa power flow classes to wanting to develop a practice centered more on strength and focus. This class was just what I needed to clear my head and give some much needed length to my tight muscles.

Day of thrifting with Melissa. Officially the first day of my clothing challenge, we started out at an old movie theater-turned-flea market a few miles outside of the ‘burgh. The entrance houses fresh food vendors, the hallways are lined with stalls of purses, Steelers gear, vintage clothing, and jewelry. The theaters have been converted to shops with paintings, antiques, clothing, kitchen ware, carpets, and the list goes on!  We then made our way to trendy re-sale store, Avalon, to trade some clothes and update our wardrobes.

Vietnamese noodles with the bf after his two-week trip to Bolivia. If you’ve never tried pho before, now is the time to stop reading this post, find the closest Vietnamese restaurant, and go order up a big bowl. Generally made with thinly sliced beef in a delicately spiced stock, and topped with Thai basil, bean sprouts, lime, and whatever array of spices you desire. This particular hole-in-the-wall restaurant has become a staple of our lives, a place we visit at least three times a month. Since I missed out on the trip, I got the grand Iphone tour between slurps of spicy mushroom and tofu soup.

What were your favorite moments last week? 


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