Friday Faves – August 5

Fridays, being at the end of the typical workweek are a good time to reflect about the past few days, and thus we have Friday Faves (plus, come on, list headings are just better with a bit of alliteration!). Posting this later than anticipated thanks to #5. Eating artichokes and typing are not very complimentary activities…

Morning Pages –  Last week, Leo at ZenHabits wrote a post that referenced “morning pages.”  The post was about willpower, but I was intrigued by the morning pages idea, which comes from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.  It’s simple (or so it sounds) – each morning, before you do anything else, you write three pages in a notebook longhand. Leo’s angle on willpower was fitting for this topic, because let me tell you, it’s not easy to roll over and write longhand the minute you wake up.  But so far, I love being in the habit of writing each day, even if half a page is devoted to describing how tired I am…

Chatting with a fellow scooter-er while sharing a parking spot at Trader Joe’s.  In Pittsburgh, scooters are still pretty few and far between so I always feel camaraderie of sorts when I pass a fellow mini-motorcyclist on the street.  And since there aren’t too many scooters and motorcycles here, there also aren’t many motorcycle-specific parking spaces. So our choices are… take a full spot (I can imagine this only frustrates drivers, especially at places like Whole Foods..if you’re a ‘burgher you know what I mean…), make up our own spot (next to bike racks, medians, poles, any odd space), or share a spot (much preferred)!  This particular fellow and I bonded over our appreciation for how much our little vehicles can hold…

This taken last summer, and one of my proudest scooter-loading moments.

Four mile walk with a friend.  Seriously, does anything beat a long walk in a quiet park with a good pal?

Meeting some fellow gardeners over beers. My community garden plot, about four blocks from my house, is home to another dozen people, yet we rarely see one another!  Our watering, weeding, and picking schedules all vary, and the most I can usually do to connect with the other growers is wander around their plots, silently commending them on some darn good tomatoes and peppers.  As we finish the first year of this community garden, we’re working on plans for our compost pile, increasing our community-ness, and filling our plots with fall crops!

Swiss Chard - my most plentiful and favorite crop this year.

This artichoke. I haven’t had a fresh artichoke in over a year, and it was worth the wait.  Instead of my usually stuffing then steaming in the oven, I put a bay leaf, some lemon juice, and garlic in the water and steamed it over the stove. Dipped in garlic-lemon butter…yumm.

Finished the whole thing off myself... delish.

What are your Friday Favorites?  (Or Saturday, or Sunday…)

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  1. Melissa

     /  August 5, 2011

    Wow, lovely swiss chard! And I didn’t know you had a scooter.

  1. Why I Love my Scooter and Think Everyone Should Have One | The Back Patio

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